Landlords frequently believe dilapidations is an issue to be dealt with when the Tenant's lease is due to expire. There has often been no contact with the Tenant regarding repairing obligation during the term of the lease.

The professional services provided by Dilapidation Direct takes a more holistic approach to the Landlords interests by focusing on the condition of the building during the whole of the term with regular communication with the Tenant and the service of interim Schedules of Dilapidation as necessary where outstanding repairs present a risk to the condition or value of the property.

We believe a proactive approach is essential, particularly in current market conditions, where many tenants have neglected accruing repair liabilities and are now unable to finance the necessary remedial works due to the economic downturn. This has left many Landlords in an exposed position with empty buildings in poor condition making them difficult to re-let in an extremely competitive market.

If Tenants are adequately informed of the lease obligations, understand these from the outset of the lease and are reminded by regular inspection of the building then repairing obligations are far less likely to be neglected or postponed.

The procedure when acting for you as Landlord usually involves:-

1. Careful study of the express repairing covenants contained in the lease. The wording of the lease is critical in defining the Tenants liability and varies considerably from one lease to another.

2. Detailed survey of the building to establish its condition and preparation of an interim, final or terminal Schedule of Dilapidations.

3. Consideration of the proposed use of the building at the end of the tenancy to estabish correct method of claim assessment based upon cost of works or diminution of value in accordance with Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927.

4. Service of the Schedule of Dilapidations in accordance with the Property Litigation Association protocol and Civil Procedure rules.

5. Required document disclosure and negotiation with the Tenant to negotiate a fair settlement where common ground can be found. In the event of civil proceedings, preparation of the necessary submissions and provision of expert witness services as required.

We will always provide detailed estimate of fees prior to commencement of professional advice and provide monthly statements of account detailing the work undertaken and time allocated to the case.