Dilapidations direct have a superb track record with helping clients with dilapidation claims; here is sample selection of case studies.

North West

• 350 sq.m. 4 storey Grade II* period office building.

• Legal Practice relocating to larger premises at lease expiry following long period of occupation.

• Landlords costed claim served at expiry £68,000.

• Instructed by tenant to mitigate claim and costs – claim finally agreed at £35,000, including costs and consequential losses, without tenant undertaking any works.

• Tenants defence largely based on inflated landlords costings in schedule and diminution in value of landlords reversionary interest to determine ultimate loss


• 2,300 sq.m. single storey modern industrial building.

• Japanese manufacturing company relocating at lease expiry.

• Landlords costed claim served at expiry £200,000. Schedule served 12 months prior to expiry of 5 year FRI lease.

• Instructed by tenant to mitigate claim and costs – claim satisfied by undertaking agreed programme of works supervised by DD and landlords surveyors.

• Cost of works £25,000 plus £4,000 monetary payment for uncompleted work including fees but avoiding post termination consequential costs.


• 450 sq.m. Bank/Retail 4 storey period building in Conservation Area.

• Bank relocation at expiry of 25 year lease.

• DD instructed by corporate landlords to submit claim 18 months prior to lease termination.

• Schedule of Dilapidations served mainly relating to extensive alterations to internal layout, including installation of security vault.

• Claim settled by Tenant undertaking extensive remedial works, including removal of security vault. Additional financial settlement in lieu of remaining works.

• Further negotiation with sub-tenant and supervision of work undertaken by sub-lessee to agreed standard.

• Hand over at termination date with payment of financial settlement enabling landlord to undertake external work programme and arrange early re-letting to new corporate lessee.