This section is intended to provide a more detailed insight into the case law relating to dilapidations.

The content of these pages will be regularly updated to provide the latest in case law reviews.

Case Summary Dilapidations Relevance
Barnes v City of London Real Property Co. Ltd Obligation on Landlord to provide cleaning by housekeeper for which tenant had agreed to pay. Correlative Obligations
Barrett v Lounova (1982) Ltd (Pdf) An implied covenant on a Landlord to repair the exterior of a property without which the Tenant could not perform obligations to repair the interior. Correlative Obligations
Bluestorm Ltd v Portvale Holdings Ltd (Pdf) Landlords covenants not dependent on payment of service charge by tenant. Conditions Precedent
Botham v TSB Bank PLC (1996) (Pdf) Judgement on what forms a fixture. Fixtures
Boswell v Crucible Steel Co. [1925] < Judgement on whether glazing to the external elevations formed a landlord's fixture. Fixtures
Creska Ltd v Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough Council (Pdf) Tenant held liable to repair existing underfloor heating rather than replace system with alternative storage heaters. Extent of Obligation
Duke of Westminster V Guild (1985) (Pdf) No requirement on Landlord to repair drain in absence of express or implied covenant. Implied Covenants
Edlington Properties Ltd v J H Fenner & Co Ltd (2005) (Pdf) Assignment of Landlord/Tenant interest. Assigned Interest
Eyre v McCracken (2001) (Pdf) No requirement on Tenant to install damp proof course a part of short lease obligations. Extent of Obligation
Fitzroy House Epworth Street (No. 1) Ltd. & Anor v The Financial Times Ltd. [2006] (Pdf) Termination by Tenant supported due to trivial nature of outstanding repairs at time of termination. Break/Renewal Clauses
Goldmile Properties Ltd v Lechouritis (2003) (Pdf) Decision on whether Lessor's repairing covenant affected Tenant's quiet enjoyment. Right to Entry
Hindcastle Ltd v Barbara Attenborough Associates Ltd (1997) (Pdf) Decision regarding guarantor of lease in circumstances where Tenant is insolvent. Guarantors
Holding & Barnes PLC v Hill House Hammond Ltd (2001) (Pdf) Decision on responsibilities of Landlord/Tenant where lease lacks clarity due to omissions. Implied Covenants
Ivory Gate Ltd v Spetale (1998) (Pdf) Service of forfeiture proceedings does not constitute forfeiture. Forfeiture
Jacey Property Company Ltd V Miguel De Sousa and Another (Pdf) No requirement on Landlord to repair drain in absence of express or implied covenant. Implied Covenants
Jervis v Harris (1996) (Pdf) Repairs on Notice may avoid constraints of Leasehold Property (Repairs) Act 1938 and Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927. Repair on Notice
Johnsey Estates (1990) Ltd v Secretary Of State For Environment [2001] (Pdf) Decision on apportionment of costs reflecting success of Landlord and Tenant in relation to specific issues. Litigation Costs & Fees
Joyner v Weeks (1891) Decision on correct measure of Dilapidations Damages. Measure of Damages
Lee v Leeds City Council [2002] (Pdf) Decision requiring improvement in design causing condensation even where no disrepair present. Extent of Obligation
Liverpool City Council v Irwin (1977) (Pdf) Implied covenant by virtue of Housing Act 1961. Implied Covenants
Mancetter Developments Ltd v Garmanson and Givertz (1986) (Pdf) Common Law duty to not to commit waste. Voluntary Waste
Niazi Services Ltd v Van Der Loo (2004) (Pdf) Dispute over extent of Section 11 of Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Statute Implied Covenants
Petersson v Pitt Place (Epsom) Ltd (2001) (Pdf) Case involving implied duplicate covenants on Landlord and Tenant. Common Law
Quick v Taff-Ely Borough Council [1985] (Pdf) No obligation to rectify condensation as property built to appropriate standards at time of construction. Extent of Obligation
Rainbow Estates Ltd v Tokenhold Ltd & Anor [1998] (Pdf) Court held that it had power to order specific performance of Tenant's repairing covenants. Specific Performance
Ravenseft Properties Ltd v Davstone (Holdings) Ltd (1979) (Pdf) Clarification of responsibility for repair of inherent defect. Extent of Obligation
Riverside Property Investments Ltd. v Blackhawk Automotive [2004] (Pdf) Repair to asbestos cement roof cladding held to be sufficient to comply with Tenant's covenant. Extent of Obligation
Ruxley Electronics & Construction Ltd v Forsyth [1995] (Pdf) Swimming pool construction marginally shallower than specified not held to justify rebuilding. Assessment of Loss
Savva v Houssein (Hussein) [1996] (Pdf) Fofeiture denied by court where breaches capable of remedy. Forfeiture
Simmons & Ors v Dresden [2004] (Pdf) Court confirms breaches of covenant, but no diminution in reversionary value. Covenant to Decorate
Smith v Muscat (2003) (Pdf) Tenants right to claim from successor Landlord. Parties to Dilapidations Claim
Smith v Spaul [2002] (Pdf) Tenants rights under Leasehold Property (Repairs) Act 1938. Forfeiture
Sun Life Assurance Plc v Thales Tracs Ltd & Anor [2001] (Pdf) Court decision on appropriate repair to asbestos clad roof. Extent of Obligation
Ultraworth Ltd v. General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation [2000] (Pdf) No requirement to replace services if functioning and covenants fulfilled. Extent of Obligation
Voaden v Champion [2002] (Pdf) Tenant responsible for worsened disrepair compared to that recorded in Schedule of Condition at commencement of Lease. Extent of Obligation
Wallace & Ors v Manchester City Council [1998] (Pdf) Claim by residential tenant for breach of covenant by Landlord. Tenant's Claim
Warren v Keen [1953] (Pdf) Tenant's obligations to use the premises in a tenantlike manner. Tenant's Obligations